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 1. Foreign Trade Operator
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the tracking, documentation, logistics, and related contents of export orders;
2. Coordinate the communication between export transport and freight forwarding and shipping company;
3. Communicate with the factory, follow up and release the package;
4. Cooperate with business, finance, freight forwarder and factory to do the related confirmation work;
5. Responsible for the verification and verification of export expenses and other related work.
1. Require more than 1 year of working experience, or have a sense of responsibility and hard work.
2. College degree or above, major in international trade, English and sales;
3. Familiar with the import and export business process, familiar with the transportation arrangement and related matters;
4. Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing, proficient in office software and strong communication skills;
5. Be honest and dedicated, have strong anti-pressure and responsibility, team spirit is good, the reaction is flexible and agile.
2. Foreign Trade Manager
Job responsibilities:
1. Familiar with the professional knowledge of vegetable and fruit products;
2. Be familiar with the implementation of the management system/process of the department;
3. Be familiar with the training and assessment of employees in the department, and constantly improve the staff's business ability and comprehensive quality;
4. Proficient in international trade process and international market information;
5. Experienced in foreign sales, able to handle customer information and provide relevant services;
6. Proficient in business English, listening, speaking, reading and writing;
7. Be familiar with daily business etiquette and be able to conduct various business talks;
8. Strong negotiation skills and communication skills.
1. International trade and business English major;
2. Have more than 3 years of international trade work experience or 2 years of similar position;
3. Good sense of service and teamwork spirit;
4. Strong execution and obedience consciousness.

3. The buyer
Job responsibilities:
1. Implement the company's quality policy, objectives and management system;
2. Be responsible for market research, provide the list of suppliers that meet the requirements of the company, and establish a qualified supplier file;
3. familiar with the market and supply channels, adhere to the "shop around, than qualitative comparison, preferred to choose" procurement principle, efforts to reduce the purchase cost, strictly the quality pass, put an end to fake goods into;
4. Implement the inquiry, comparison and negotiation system, and strive to reduce the purchase cost;
5. Responsible for the whole process of business negotiation, purchasing progress and quality inspection, complete the procurement tasks on time, and ensure the normal operation of the store sales and export business orders;
6. Summarize and analyze the purchasing business, and provide purchasing reports to the management when necessary;
7. Responsible for supplier management, maintaining healthy and good business relationship with suppliers.Assist the company to deal with various disputes with suppliers.The investigation of market quotation, the collection of dynamic information, collation, timely reporting, so as to timely adjust the procurement strategy;
8. Handled the procurement of abnormal, refund, replacement and compensation of suppliers to ensure the interests of the company;
9. Strengthen communication and liaison with suppliers to ensure sufficient supply, stable supply quality and accurate delivery time;
10. Communicate with each other and support each other to create a good team spirit;
11. Do it, the law and impartially, selfless, honesty and self-discipline of professional ethics, be honest, conscientious, modestly learning business knowledge, improve the operation ability of professional dedication;
12. To be in the interest of the company, not to take kickbacks, not to receive rebates and gifts from suppliers, and to abide by the professional ethics of buyers;
13. Completing other tasks assigned by the superior in time.
1. Major in food, purchasing and logistics related disciplines;
2. There are more than 1 year quick-frozen vegetables and fruit purchasing experience is preferred, good cost consciousness, excellent negotiation skills, strong analytical, organizational, communication and coordination ability and the ability to handle interpersonal relationships;
3. Familiar with procurement process, have the ability to market research, familiar with the prices of the vegetables, fruits, hard-working, motivated, careful and meticulous, has the strong sense of responsibility, professional dedication and teamwork spirit;
4. Cheerful personality, good interpersonal relationship, social resources, good service awareness, strong affinity and cohesion;
5. Good professional ethics, good at communication and coordination;
6. Proficient in computer office software, driving car is preferred.

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