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Корпоративная культура

Corporate vision: Let healthy, nutritious, green, portable fruits and vegetables into the ordinary people!
Enterprise target: product to 100 countries, build 100 years enterprise!
Enterprise mission: provide healthy, nutritious and green organic food for mankind!Be a health professional around you!
Company values: product view, Service functions, Customer view, Talent, Manages view, Concept of behavior!
Product view: quality is life, is the life line of enterprise!
Explanation: product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. It is the root of enterprise development and growth. No one is allowed to be sloppy.In order to ensure the interests of consumers, every box of food is sold by the quality inspection department, and the quality is life.
Service view: service produces benefits
Explanation: pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of the products, every employee in the company is seriously treated, so that the service can be profitable.The customer satisfaction is the service, the customer is satisfied, will produce the continuous purchasing power, and then generate the benefit.
Guest view: customer first, eternal health.
Explanation: because the instant food is green, healthy food, customer demand is our demand, any questions from the customers, is the test of our work, proper solution for it.
Human beings view: virtue is both, and virtue is first.
Interpretation: DSF food proposes that enterprises of assets, the company attaches great importance to the employees personal character and ability, we have a responsibility to fully tap the potential employees, employees in the heart of the sun, DSF food advocated from the talent - talent - people money.
Behavior view: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement
Interpretation: life is not a dress rehearsal, every moment is live broadcast, we must always remember self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement.

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