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Qingdao DSF Foodstuff Co. Ltd Qingdao DSF Foodstuff Co. Ltd is a professional company experienced in IQF fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the import and export of other products. Our production base relies on advanced production equipment and testing instruments. With excellent marketing team and the regional channel partners both at home and abroad, the products of the market development and after-sales service has a sound Management solution.



Six advantages of brand

Brand Advantage

More than 20 production base supply chain to ensure the products good and inexpensive, compact management system to create quality services, DSF brand won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers, casting a higher brand awareness, loyalty and reputation.

Base Advantage

Our company has more than 20 fruits and vegetable bases in the country, large-scale base is conducive to mechanized operation and control, the base is equipped with plant protection and agricultural technical personnel, while biological pesticides and base fertilizer in line with national green food and organic food strict requirements, which effectively ensure the stability of the supply of goods and quality safety.

Security advantage

In view of the following aspects such as fruit and vegetable from seedling research and development, monitoring of planting process, monitoring of pesticide residues before harvesting, monitoring of whole transportation, standardization and systematic management of production safety management making the company's products from the farmland to the table to do traceable management.


Management Advantage

Company management team has 19 years of experience in import and export management and marketing experience, can provide customers with fast and convenient services, at the same time have a perennial engaged in fruit and vegetable products, conditioning food products such as quality management and research and development of high-quality professional and technical team.

Purchasing advantage

Our company's 80% of the products from the production base, which decrease of the intermediate links, to ensure stable supply of goods, to ensure the safety of the product quality and price advantage, can according to customer demand research and development new products, and assist clients to the market.

Logistics Advantages

By integrating the supplier resources, establishing the wholesale platform and realizing the information management, realizing the maximum value of supply chain; Established the advanced center distribution center, professional, efficient refrigerated logistics system to send products to the world.

Purchasing service

Order Service

1.Call or consult customer serv

2.Submit order information

3.Order successfully and paymen

4.Goods delivery

5.Evaluation of the goods

Join cooperation and win mutual benefit

DSF, the franchise cooperation program is under way……



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