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Frozen fruits and vegetables have a special advantage

  Usually when we buy fresh fruit and vegetables, they tend to be picked, stored, and transported over a long period of time. Some fruits, for example, won't get into the market until after a week or even longer, during this time, fruits are still brightly colored, but nutrients are lost, especially vitamin C. However, if you can freeze fruit and vegetables in time, that is, after picking, fruits and vegetables are frozen at the freshest time, which can be used to maximize the nutrition of fruits and vegetables.Especially those that are not easy to save or can't hold for too long, such as strawberries, mangoes, yellow peach, lychee, and so on. They can be made into quick-frozen fruit, which can best preserve the nutrition of fruits.
  Quick-frozen fruits and vegetables is made of fresh fruit and vegetable raw materials through the appropriate processing and rapid freezing, in 20 ℃ - 18 ℃ to - consistent under the condition of low temperature to the low fruit and vegetable consumption site. The best advantage of frozen fruits and vegetables is to preserve the original quality of fruits and vegetables at low temperatures without any preservatives or additives.It has the benefits of delicious, convenient, healthy, hygienic, nutritious and economical (in the wrong season, raise food value and create higher benefits).
       The frozen fruits of DSF FOOD are stored at a low temperature immediately after being picked, so that moisture, nutrients and juices in the fruit tissues are quickly locked.Preserving fresh taste and nutrients, low temperature effectively inhibits microbial reproduction, and food safety is guaranteed. In addition, it also has frozen imported fruit, such as cranberries, it contains a wide variety of nutrients, which can inhibit the adhesion of bacteria such as helicobacter and reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer; it can also provide the human body with an antibiotic like protective force that will not cause the body to produce antibodies, nor will it have any pharmacological side effects. The cranberries are mainly grown in the acidic peat soil of the northern hemisphere, and in North America. So, if you want to eat fresh cranberries, unless you go to North America to pick your taste. Otherwise, it's not new when it comes back. It's a way of freezing the cranberries in almost the most natural state. Opened the package you will see the frozen cranberries maintained the original appearance, still new red, taste also have no change, completely to adopt advanced technology of quick-frozen preserve the nutrition and taste, give consumers the most fresh taste.

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